Blazing Paddles Canoe Adventures.

Everything you need to know about canoeing or kayaking the Whanganui River.

Mark and Judith Ebrey are still operating Blazing Paddles Canoe Adventures.

We are looking to position ourselves as the company of choice for larger groups (14 seat and 11 seat vehicles) – and will guarantee you will not have to wait for any others, both at the start and finish of your journey, when you book for six or more.

When booking your unforgettable Whanganui River Journey ask how many others will be being put on with you at the same time. Bigger groups off 20 or more generally get on the river much later, and there’s a lot of waiting around at Pipiriki at the end, which is not a lot of fun if its raining.

We’ve built a reputation of being there early and getting you on the way home much quicker than most operators.

Arrive as strangers … depart as friends