Ramanui upgrades

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Ramanui Campsite has been significantly upgraded over the past season.

As well as the original 6-bed cabin it now has another three large cabins that will sleep from 6 to 8 each.

Joe and Mandy have also built a huge covered in cooking area with large benches and tables all round. They have also built, “or just putting in the finishing touches” to to a covered in shower block. It will have two showers, “coin or token operated” with both running off a hot water system. Cost for the showers will probably be $3. If we do the token side of things, canoeists will be able to purchase them from the lodge upon arrival.

Cost for the cabins will be $25 per person (compared with $32 pp at Tieke). Each cabin will have fresh water. The cabins contain tables and chairs. The cooking area has barbecues, gas rings, sinks and running cold water.

A tenting area is also available at $10 per person ($14 pp at Tieke).

The whole campground area has been fenced to keep out stock.

So, if you want a hot shower, or a cold beer; neither of which is available across the river, then you should book Ramanui rather than Tieke for your last night on the river.

You can either call Joe and Mandy on Toll Free 0800 480 308 or email them at info@bridgetonowhere.co.nz


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