Trip Details

Whanganui River Canoeing Trip Details

How to make time to canoe or kayak the Whanganui River 5-day trip.

The upper two days are quite different from the rest of the Whanganui Journey. If you are planning to walk the Tongariro Northern Circuit as well, we recommend you consider only doing the one day Tongariro Crossing. You’ll see all the scenery and highlights and save yourself two days hard tramping that can be used to canoe or kayak the upper Whanganui River.

Whanganui River Canoeing and Kayaking Itineraries

Length Route Highlights
1 Hour Power Paddle

Piriaka Power Station to Taumarunui Holiday Park

Kayaks only. Expect to get wet.
Half Day Splash’nDash

Taumarunui – Ohinepane 21.5 km – Approx 4 hrs

Great for those with limited time. Has the most rapids.
2 Days The Overnighter

Taumarunui- Whakahoro

Enjoy rapids and overnight camping.
3 Days Park Highlights

Whakahoro – Pipiriki

Our most popular trip. Whanganui National Park and The Bridge to Nowhere.
4 Days Ohinepane Special

Ohinepane – Pipiriki

Experience rapids and Whanganui National Park.
5 Days The Ultimate Experience

Taumarunui – Pipiriki

The deluxe, covers all features of the river.