Compare the Gear

Compare the Gear

There’s a big difference in what you get to canoe or kayak the Whanganui River…

This is what you get for waterproof storage in an Old Town Canadian canoe.

We’re great believers in the John Ruskin school of thought that you can never pay too much, but you can pay too little. Prices on the Whanganui River are very competitive and often the only cash difference is about $5 per head per day. But what you get for your money can vary greatly, including your canoe or kayak.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our gear and, in particular, our waterproof barrels that we imported specially from the EU. And then there’s our maps – full colour with loads of information and GPS co-ordinates. Some operators only give you the DOC brochure that DOC says specifically should NOT be used as a map. Plus information sheets to help you identify birds and animals on the river, plus our free recycling bags and instructions.

We provide full colour informative maps with GPS co-ordinates and lots of detail.

We also provide the little things, like elastic strips to hold your sunnies on if you fall out; extra rope to tie things in.

And if you haven’t got something or forgotten it, we’ll often throw that in for free.

Check below bird sheet for gear available for hire.


Gear for hire:
Tents $20
Sleeping bags $10
Sleeping mats $5
Camping stove and gas $10
Gas ring and bottle $15
Two burner stove and bottle $15
Gas barbecue and bottle $20
Two person catering pack $10
Four person catering pack $20
Pots/pans $5
Solar showers $5
Chilli bins (Small) $5

For those with own canoes
Dry bags $10
Waterproof barrels $10
Map sets $10