Current Conditions

Current Conditions on the Whanganui River

For current Whanganui River conditions, click on one of the links below, or call the Genesis Flow Phone on 07 386 8113 and follow the voice prompts. The Whanganui River is considered unsafe for canoeing when the level at Te Maire is above 80 cumecs. Extreme care should also be exercised when the river is approaching 60 cumecs and the weather forecast is for rain in the Whanganui River headwaters. In these conditions we will not put people on at Cherry Grove, and sometimes not at Ohinepane, but generally it is still safe to put people on at Whakahoro. Our cutoff at Whakahoro is 1.8m. The best idea is to ring us on 0800 252 946 for an update on expected conditions before you leave home.

Cancellation policy
Your safety is important to us and we reserve the absolute right to not put people on when we consider the river conditions or weather forecast are unfavourable, or for any other reason, at our sole discretion. In the event that we consider the river to be unsafe for canoeing, we will fully refund any deposit or other payment made. If we consider the river to be safe for boating and you choose not to go, we reserve the right to keep any deposit or payment made.